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Why BidCaller?

Whether or not you are an existing Sandhills Publishing customer, you can take advantage of BidCaller to reach an international audience with your listings. Here are some of the ways BidCaller can help you.

Cross-promotion - Your BidCaller auction listings will be advertised on all of our sites—Truck Paper, TractorHouse, and Machinery Trader—based on inventory type.

Help bidders find you easily - Your equipment will be searchable by all potential bidders on Truck Paper, TractorHouse, and Machinery Trader.

Easy for your customers - Our online software is very easy to use and does not require you or your customers to download any extra software. Anyone who can use a Web browser shouldn't have difficulty using BidCaller.

Easy for you - We will host your BidCaller site for you. Your existing Sandhills representative will work with you to set up a BidCaller site. Your rep will show you the ins and outs of the system and help you with any questions or feedback you might have.

You're in control - You don't have to wait for a Sandhills representative to enter your listings. You can enter them as soon as you have the listing information ready. The equipment will then appear on all three sites, providing the maximum amount of exposure right away.

What information can I add to BidCaller?

Tractors – All of the agricultural pieces you add to your BidCaller auction will also be displayed on

Trucks & Trailers – The trucks and trailers you add to your auction will also appear on and will direct users to your auction.

Construction Equipment – Every piece of construction equipment you add will also be added to

Attachments – You can add agricultural and machinery attachments to your auctions. Both types of attachments will show up on and

Other Items – Do you have something that doesn’t fit in the above categories? You can add those, as well, and auction them off with

How will users find my auction listings?

The auction calendar on will include your auction dates. Whenever users go to your auction date on that calendar, they will find a list of your equipment and your auction detail information.

Users who are registered to use,, or can use their registration information on your BidCaller site. They can just log in using their existing username and password and fill in their banking information in order to become a bidder on your site.

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